Interactive Functional Anatomy 2nd Edition

Interactive Functional Anatomy 2nd Edition 1.0

Interactive 3D skeleton with bones, ligaments, muscles and vessels (See all)

A dynamic resource of 3D anatomy with an extensive series of 3D muscle function animations that gives a new perspective on functional anatomy.
The main focus of the content is normal muscle function. The core of the product is a collection of interactive 3D animations that you can move and manipulate with your mouse. The animated 3D models can be rotated and moved to show the function of agonist and antagonist muscles during common movements such as raising arms, bending, flexion of spine and neck etc.

It features an interactive 3D skeleton with bones, ligaments, muscles and vessels. Select from a menu of views that allow you to focus on a particular region such as upper body, add and remove anatomy from the model and rotate to view and label all visible structures.

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